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At CSC Partners Recruitment we do things a bit differently.  With every assignment we work closely with the client, in fact, we can become the valuable arm to HR Managers.  We are all seeing, finger on the pulse keeping in touch with the market, trends, threats and potential opportunities in relation to staff recruitment and retention.  You see, so many other recruiters work hard at filling a role for their client. It takes a lot of the time, hard work and perseverance to get their candidate over the line.  However, once the role has been filled, these recruiters back away thinking that their job is done.

With CSC Partners Recruitment we don’t just stop at filling a role. We like to work closely with HR Managers and demonstrate skills that will have a positive effect on their business be it large corporate or small medium enterprises.  Our clients find us valuable to their businesses especially in cases when they are looking at retention figures and how we can be a key player in saving a company a lot of hard-earned cash that can be used for other things.  We can support workforce planning, help HR and line managers understand future needs and any upcoming talent attraction problems and opportunities.

We are experts in our field and we know our specialised areas inside out which means we can effectively advise managers on what a great candidate looks like. Not only do we know the right skills for the job, but we also know where to find them. We have an unenviable network because we have worked with graduates in the past who are now senior decision makers in their respective businesses, now that is something that 27 plus years recruitment experiences gives. We also take the time to network and this brings a different refreshing talent stream to our clients.

Because of all that we do we actually teach client managers how to engage and interact with their talent which boost and further improves relationships. When we partner with clients who are  recruiting, we help Hiring Managers to improve their quality of hire as they listen and engage fully with the process and learn from us.

So, if you are looking to increase your workforce or perhaps find ways to improve your engagement with your staff to further your retention strategies, CSC Partners Recruitment can help.