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When you look at your organisation with a view to develop your brand, you should notice that is more than your logo, the organisations name or slogan.  It’s the entire experience that the people who buy from you or look to buy from you have on your company, product or service. It defines what you stand for, it’s the promise you make, and the personality you convey.  When you start to look across your organisation please consider your recruitment strategy.  You see,  the market is very hot at the moment and there is a shortfall of qualified candidates across the country.  A number of employers have not caught on to that yet,  it’s not always quick and easy to get hired these days and the job interview process can be lengthy. Being interviewed once and getting a job offer was typically a thing of the past, during the recession years the process became lengthy with multiple interviews over weeks,  however with the pressure to recruit and retain today, many companies have to shorten their processes.  It is important to keep the candidate informed at every stage which keeps the process moving in a positive way.  During this process what a lot of companies forget is the candidate experience, when this falls short of expectations set you can damage the relationship and cause further candidates to become disenfranchised with your brand. 

In other words, don’t let your brand get damaged by unhappy candidates because people talk and with social media platforms like Glassdoor a negative message can get into the market place very quickly.

When you look at your recruitment campaigns and think on them like a marketing exercise for your business, you will keep the candidate experience to the forefront of your mind.

You need to train your managers to build a more human touch throughout the process this  supports great branding.

You need to develop a strategic plan when you are pipeline for future talent, and this is something I strongly recommend you do.

Attracting the right people………

Organisations are now finding it increasingly difficult to retain and attract talented people, that’s a fact and it’s across every sector but especially felt in the professional areas. Organisations are experiencing higher levels of turnover than ever before. 

The average cost of recruiting a new employee is approx. 15% -20% either via fees to a recruitment agency or time spend hiring directly which is time out of your business.  An example of an average salary of 40K, the expense either directly or indirectly would be 6 to 8K and then time to interview, put together the package, onboarding etc would be another cost or investment into the talent acquisition process. 

Part of which has to be the identification with your “employer brand”.  Organisations who attract and retain the best people will have a well-defined brand, when you don’t have a clearly articulated employer brand, you will not be maximising your recruitment resources, whether this is your HR staff, recruitment agencies or advertising spend.  With all potential employees it is important that the employer’s vision and ethos is clearly communicated and resonates well with them in terms of their own ambitions.

So, if you are looking to recruit, put together a strategic plan, recruiting to pipeline or looking at outsourcing your process, Tina Coy would be happy to discuss the options with you.